5/5  STARS!! Julie F.

I met Kathleen through a coworker’s recommendation several months ago. I was hesitant to invite her into my home because I was embarrassed of how it looked! Paint color, furniture, etc…nothing matches. Well….not anymore. Kathleen came through the door with ideas instantly making me feel at ease.

We spent a few hours that first meeting just finding my “design style”. She was very careful of budget and we clicked on so many levels! She set aside the Veranda magazines and quickly let me know I was an Elle Decor girl! I love her! My husband loves her, too. He was afraid we were going to be in over our heads with a contractor, but Kathleen will work with any budget! I’m sure she’d be happy to go big, too, but we are looking to DIY much of the work…and she didn’t blink an eye when I said it. She is very practical.

Our second meeting was to solidify purchases of furniture and confirm wall modifications for a kitchen remodel. She just texted me out of the blue to see how everything is going! It was just the nudge I needed to call her! She confirmed my fears of making a few big decisions about materials… Now, we let my husband cut that huge hole in my kitchen wall! Hello, door! Thanks, Kathleen! It’s going to be beautiful!

Kathleen is a powerhouse. She will work with you to make your house a beautiful home…your style, your budget.

5/5  STARS!! Dean T.

As a recently single middle aged guy, I knew that I was going to need some help in the interior design department as I made a fresh start. Kathleen has, and I’m not exaggerating here, helped to change my life! It is remarkable how much of an impact having a home that is “well put together” – that I am very proud of – has had in giving me a great sense of achievement and confidence.

I was basically starting from scratch – with little furniture and not much of an idea of what “my style” was. I showed Kathleen pictures of my apartment, described what I liked about it, what I liked about the surrounding neighborhood as well as how I lived on a day to day basis. Then we went shopping.

Kathleen was great about suggesting many different things and then learning very quickly from what I liked and didn’t like. She encouraged me to push my own boundaries, and I am amazed at the results! I’m an analytical person by nature, so she explained to me why she was suggesting the things she was suggesting, how they matched, flowed, contrasted or complimented other things we’d already chosen. She helped me to see that there is real science as well as art and talent behind good interior design.

Kathleen was also very cost conscious. It would have been easy for her to keep me at Room and Board all day and pick out all of our items from there. However, after we got a couple of the big, anchor items for the living room there, she directed me to West Elm, Pier 1 and IKEA for many things that weren’t as critical so I could really save a lot of money. I came in at about 65% of what I originally budgeted because of her suggestions to spend less on certain items.

After I got moved in to my new place, Kathleen spent a morning helping me to lay everything out. It is AMAZING that just having her rearrange things in a small space made such a huge difference. By angling my living room layout, moving a chair to the other side and adding a small side table, the usability of the room has been transformed. It also makes the space feel larger and adds a great sense of style. Amazing!!

I should also mention that I met Kathleen when she was referred by my realtor to stage my house in Marin. I am absolutely 100% convinced that we were able to sell the house quickly and at a premium over our asking price because of the staging that Kathleen did. I couldn’t believe it was my house!

I can recommend Kathleen without reservation for a large or small job. Even just a walk through of your home to have her recommend how to leverage what you already have would be a great investment.

5/5  STARS!! Donna B.

I thought my living room looked pretty great but wanted some help to finish it. She moved what I had around and she added a few pictures and made it so much better. I find myself just staring at it as the room is beautiful. She is an artist.

5/5  STARS!! Michelle B.

I’m so happy I found Kathleen! After relocating from the east coast I have a whole house to decorate. It was a bit overwhelming, and I didn’t know where to start. Kathleen , has been wonderful, making our transition here feel more like home. I’m thankful she was willing and able to work with my budget. I told her my style and she nailed it. She showed me great stores in Marin, and his a hoot to shop with. She is Fast and efficient. Looking forward to our continued relationship..

5/5  STARS!! Debra A.

Wow Kathleen was amazing!! We had her help stage our house and were very, very, very happy with the results.

Starting from the outside of the house to really freshening up the inside she was great. She worked with our budget and helped us make decision on where to invest and why it was wise to spend in those areas.

The best testament is that our house sold quickly and for top dollar!!

5/5  STARS!! dana c.

Kathleen is an amazing designer.  She staged a house for me,with impeccable choice of colors, furniture and accessories. The house went into contract for over asking in 5 days with back up offers.  I believe the gorgeous staging had a lot to do with it.  Well worth every penny!

5/5  STARS!! Kendall N.

I moved into my house about a year ago and had a hideous mishmosh of furniture that was only suitable for the Good Will. Being that Christmas lights and movie posters are my preferred method of decorating, I decided to hire an expert.

In a state of panic, I explained my post college situation and Kathleen was happy to help! She helped me unpack, paint, rearrange, pick out new furniture, and all on a tight budget! My new house has a very sophisticated and sleek look.
(Which is a big improvement from the COPS rerun it used to be!)

I HIGHLY recommend her. Funny, efficient, and accommodating.She’s any wayward decorators dream!

5/5  STARS!! Andrea T.

As a real estate investor located in Colorado that stages my own property, doing a project with an out of state stager was a bit nerve wracking. Kathleen worked with our budget, went above and beyond working with the general contractor in picking out the colors and making sure that the property looked GREAT!! We had really nice feedback and most importantly the property went under contract in less than a WEEK! I highly recommend Kathleen’s staging if you need to sell your property fast and really need something to make it stand out from the other properties that your buyers may be considering. Thanks very much Kathleen!!

5/5  STARS!! Brian D.

Kathleen is hard working and great. I’m a single dad selling a house. My decoration tastes lean towards Foosball tables. She came in and on a tight budget really made the house shine. The Realtor (who recommended Kathleen in the first place) was astounded with the transformation. Kathleen was able to dramatically improve every room. And do so with creativity and economy. The house shows much much better. Plus she’s fun to work with.

5/5  STARS!!  Jacquie L.

Kathleen Hallin is an amazing interior designer. She helped me rearrange and decorate my home so that it flows and is inviting and makes me proud to have guests. She was fun and easy to work with and had so many creative ideas. She easily works with your style and makes it better.

I have also seen her staging of homes. The homes looked truly out of a magazine. Ask her to show you her own artwork. She creates beautiful decoupage on canvas. They are vibrant, one of kind pieces.

5/5  STARS!!

Kathleen Hallin is a tremendously talented decorator who has a keen and quick eye while providing solid and extremely creative ideas. Her ability to serve a variety of tastes and budgets is remarkable and she has consistently offered contemporary ideas to bring a new look to any room or home. The enthusiasm she has for her work, whether it is shopping for accents and furniture or using your existing pieces, makes the process extremely fun. I have had many occasions to seek her advice and she has produced amazing results through collaboration and a little persuasion, each and every time. Her rates are quite affordable and therefore accessible for anyone who has a desire to spruce up their home with a new look or idea. I cannot recommend her more highly!

5/5  STARS!!

Kathleen worked with me to design a new interior for our recently remodeled home in Wildhorse Valley. She helped me purchase furniture, choose paint colors, carpet and objects d’ art for the living room and family room. The living room featured a tired brick fireplace and Kathleen turned into a gorgeous centerpiece by applying a smooth finish and faux leather texture. Not only can she pick out beautiful things, she can create beautiful things. Kathleen is easy and fun to work with and I can’t recommend her enough. Many of my friends have used her services with great results.  ~Katie McHugh

5/5  STARS!!

Kathleen Hallin is a talented, engaging and energetic Home Designer. She is up to date, has great taste and can work with any budget. She is easy to communicate with and is skilled at juggling different styles and priorities, meaning-both the husband and wife! We have worked with her on three different homes from furnishings and paint, to remodel and resale staging. We were extremely happy with all of her services and have benefited greatly by not only living in beautifully decorated homes, but also by a quick sale in a down turned market, due in great part to her lovely staging. Her diversity makes her very accessible and that is why we have used her so often. She is willing to simply rearrange your own furniture in refreshingly creative ways, take you shopping at local home stores for ideas, and help plan a remodel complete with new furniture. Kathleen can make any project fun and inspiring!